27 Smart And Simple Ways To Motivate Yourself

Motivation is the key to success in each of our lives. If you do that, sooner or later, it will start impacting on your mind and it will activate circumstances and start bringing to you people, conditions and opportunities you need to actualize your goals and resolutions. Joining a mastermind group, your motivation is fueled by the collective genius of others also wanting to collaborate, solve problems, cross-promote, network and learn new things.

SMART goal setting is one way to outline your objectives, clarify the importance of the goal, and create an action plan for achieving it. If you are able to break down long-term goals into weekly or even daily action steps, the progress you make every day can help you build momentum and get motivated to keep the process moving.

Unless you have urgent tasks that absolutely must be handled right away, it's better to use your time working on important things like writing major papers, studying, practicing the skills you want to master, or making connections with important people.

However, it's much easier to do something because you actually want to, rather than because you want to avoid a particular outcome if you don't do it. If you don't have a positive plan of action, using negative motivation can make you feel helpless and may even reduce your motivation.

Try to see the negative consequences as vividly as you can in your mind to kick-start your motivation to start going for that positive change again. It's hard to maintain motivation for a single goal for such a long time. From my direct observations and interviews there are six keys to getting and staying motivated—three have to do with our minds, and three relate to our bodies.

That's why it's so important to learn how to motivate yourself to succeed, and succeed so that you will continue to be motivated to succeed — in every area of your life. Then start taking action by applying them in you life starting today. That percentage got even higher when study participants shared those goals with hood news friends.

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